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wes pto procedures, documents and forms





Treasurer’s Procedures

Treasurer – Allison Collings

Receiving Treasurer – Tara Salerno

The WES community will approve or disapprove the PTO budget for the school year at Back to School Night.

Treasurer’s Folder and Supplies

The Treasurer’s folder is located in the PTO Mail Box in the WES office.  Forms for check requests, check deposits and deposit slips are available in the folder. There is an additional box with a cash box that may be used at fundraising events, an adding machine, and a stamp to endorse checks. If you use the stamp, please return is as soon as possible for other to use. Across from the PTO Mail Box is a drawer where checks received in the office for PTO fundraisers will be placed. If you are expecting checks, please check the drawer regularly – it will fill up quickly, especially if PTO is conducting more than one fundraiser. You will not receive a call from the office to let you know checks are in the drawer.

Check requests

Sales tax exemption: Did you know that the PTO, as a charitable organization, is not required to pay Pennsylvania sales tax?? Please mention this to all vendors you work with and provide them with a copy of this form: Sales tax exemption form (PDF)​​

Check request form: If you need to have an invoice paid or need to be reimbursed for your event, you will need to complete a check request form (see link below). Complete the check request by filling out the amount to be charged to the event or fundraising activity. If you are being reimbursed for multiple events, you can include them all on one check request by filling in the amount to be charged to each event and the total amount you are owed in the Check Amount. Send the completed check request form along with supporting invoice or receipts to the receiving treasurer noted on the check request form. Check requests will be picked up at least once a week and will take a few days to process. In general, assume a 10-14 day turnaround. If you need a check sooner, please notify the Receiving Treasurer. Check request form (PDF)


Deposits from fundraisers are to be made by the person(s) running the event. Deposit slips are available in the WES office in the Treasurer’s folder. Fill out the deposit slip by recording each check individually. You may also use an adding machine to record each check and attach the tape to the deposit slip. The bank will accept this as a record of the checks. On the deposit slip, write the name of the event. The deposit slip can be viewed online and this is an easy way for the Treasurer to know where to credit the deposit. The PTO uses PNC Bank. You may make deposits at any branch, but our main branch is located at the corner of Baltimore Pike and Beatty Road. After you have made the deposit, complete a PTO Deposit report showing the event to be credited for the deposit. Paper copies are also available in the Treasurer’s folder. Attach the deposit slip to the report and put the deposit slip and report in the Treasurer’s folder. Deposits from fundraisers should be made in a reasonable amount of time. Please do not leave checks or cash in your home for an extended period of time. If you need help getting the deposit completed, please reach out to one of the PTO chairs or Treasurers and we are happy to help. Under no circumstances should deposits be made to your personal account: Deposit form (PDF)

Cash Collections

Events that collect cash (Pancake Breakfast, Halloween Carnival, Bingo Night, May Day, Book Fairs, etc.) must complete a Fund Raising Collections report which is available via this link. At the end of the event, cash collected is counted by two members of the event committee. Both members sign off on the amount collected. One committee member should make the deposit, and the other should place the report is the Treasurer’s folder. If this form is being used, a separate deposit report is not needed.

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