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Bluffton: My Summers with Buster by Matt Phalen

“Thrilling – a spirited, poignant coming-of-age vignette and an intriguing window into a little-known chapter in vaudeville history.” -Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

In 1908, a visiting troupe of vaudeville performers is about the most exciting thing to come to Muskegon, Michigan, since baseball. They’re summering in nearby Bluffton, so Henry has a few months to ogle the elephant and the zebra, the tightrope walkers, and – best of all – a slapstick actor his own age named Buster Keaton. Henry longs to learn to take a fall like Buster, “the human mop,” but Buster just wants to play ball with Henry and his friends. With his signature nostalgic touch, Scott O’Dell Award-winning graphic novelist Matt Phelan illuminates a bygone era with lustrous color, dynamic lines, and flawless dramatic pacing.

Bluffton: My Summers with Buster by Matt Phalen

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