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wes pto committees


Executive Committee

Chair: Christine Greco
Co-Chair: Candice Rogers
Secretary: Kim Roguszewski
Treasurer: Fran Yan
Receiving Treasurer: Allison Collings 


Caring: Christina Cleland

Citizenship: Ashley Drane, Danielle Nicholson, Colin Thomson

Visiting Authors: Christine Greco

Website: Chris and Sharon Kaminski

Dimensions in Math & Science: Christina Gaffney, Nicole Hanley

Hour of Code: Beth Benzing, Bobby Griffin, Nicole Hanley

5th Grade Reps: Jessica Diamond, Katie Finley, Catherine Kiefer, Michele Henriques

Foreign Language: Amanda Weinberg, Megan Pierangeli

Gift of Giving: Sara O’Reilly, Aimee Hodges, Coco Kaminski

Grounds and Greens: Janine Berstein, Colleen Thom, Joni O’Connor, Arianne Allan

Book Fair: Tara Salerno, Amanda O'Brien, Jen Schwartzengraber

Car Line: Katie Finley, Renee Joyner

Health: Kate Fernandez, Emily Glowacki, Stacey Peki

Publicity: Coco Kaminski

Homeroom Parent Coordinators: Janine Berstein, Gina Stango

Hospitality: Candice Rogers, Kristine Magargee, Megan Pierangeli

Library: Jana Jordan, Jen Schwartzengraber

Cultural Arts: Juhi Pandey, Lauren Minsky

Directory: Christine Greco, Jennifer Griffin, Bobby Griffin, Megan Koehler

New Parent Representatives: Anne McFadden, Gina Lazzari

Nominating: Erin Stancill, Michele Henriques, Melissa Lis, Megan Koehler, Candice Rogers

Sustainability: Erin Stancill, Arianne Allan, Andrea Nuschke, Amanda Hemmer

WES Mail: Erin Mormile

Chess Club: Sarah Fromal

Fundraisers and Events

Pancake Breakfast: Katie Kopay, Erin Englert

Bingo Night: Jessica Diamond, Susan Kenney, Christina Cleland, Donna Falconieri

Field Day: Erin Mormile, Jill Davis, Meghan Stine

May Day: Erin Mormile, Gwen Martin, Brittania Robinson, Jill Davis, Kim Roguszewski

Spirit Wear: Jency Weeks, Kristina Dechter-Patterson

Box Tops/Giant/AmazonSmile: Kristine Magargee

Spring Fundraiser (Direct Appeal): Christine Greco, Candice Rogers

Lost and Found: Sally Robbins

SchoolKidz: Sarah Ponzio, Suzanne Goodstein

Restaurant Family Nights (Iron Hill & Swarthmore Pizza): Courtney Kelly, Theresa Birardi

Rita’s Family Night: Tom and Kellianne Payne

Movie Night: Jen LaViola, Anne McFadden


wes pto position descriptions



Executive Committee

Chairperson: Preside at all PTO meetings and prepare agendas. Coordinate the work of the PTO Board, committees and the PTO as a whole in order that the objectives of the organization may be accomplished. Liaison between the WES faculty, families and PTO members.

Co-Chairperson: Assist the Chairperson in all aspects as noted above. Chairperson will serve a one year term and will then be named Chairperson in the school year thereafter.

Secretary: To record and distribute the minutes of the monthly PTO meetings. (This is a 2 year position.)

Treasurer: To assemble, in consultation with the PTO Executive Board, the annual PTO Budget to be presented to the entire PTO membership for approval, and to administer the budget for the fiscal year. (This is a 2 year position.)

General PTO Committees

Caring Committee: Makes contact with WES families in need of home-cooked meals. Maintains and develops a list and schedule of volunteer families willing to prepare meals. Schedules meals as needed.

Citizenship: Designs and implements education and service projects, and similar programming, enable students to help within their community. Organizes the UNICEF change collection drive at Halloween along with a mid-year service project.

Visiting Authors: Coordinates with school librarian to bring children’s book authors to WES for assemblies and book signings. Organizes and distributes books purchased by students.

Website: Maintains and develops the WES PTO website, including content and hosting.

Dimensions in Math and Science: Introduces students to a variety of math-related experiences through activities such as Family Math Night (bi-annual) and hands-on demonstrations and classroom experiences.

Introduces students to various scientific disciplines through activities such as an annual Science Fair, school assemblies, demonstrations, and hands-on classroom experiences.

Fifth Grade Representatives: Plan fund-raising projects to help underwrite the expenses of the annual fifth grade field trips, picnic, and graduation.

Gift of Giving: Organizes a service project that takes place during the Valentine’s Day classroom party. Students prepare “Breakfast Bags” for the elderly home-bound population during the winter months.

Grounds and Greens: Supervises maintenance of the school’s exterior gardens.

Book Fair: Organizes, coordinates, and staffs the Scholastic Fall and Spring Book Fairs.

Health and Safety: Aids the school nurse in educating students in all facets of good health and personal hygiene. (Assisting in these health tests does not require special training).  Also maintains a volunteer schedule for and oversees the morning student drop-off in the front of the school.

Publicity: Disseminates, via appropriate public media, a strong positive image of WES and promotes a broader community awareness of the school’s programs and activities.

Homeroom Parent Coordinator: Recruits homeroom parents and acquaints them with their responsibilities.

Hospitality: Provides appropriate refreshments for Back-to- School Night, Staff Appreciation Day, and any other PTO-sponsored events that require such services.

Library: Recruits volunteers who assist the school librarian.

Cultural Arts: Organizes events to enrich each child’s cultural awareness through programs in the visual and performing arts such as school assemblies and demonstrations. Coordinates the Multicultural Night at WES–a fun event, held every other year, where WES families celebrate their heritage.

Directory: Produces, solicits advertisers and collects payments from, and distributes the school/student Directory for sale. Main duties occur during the summer months and in early September.

New Parent Representative: Welcomes all new families to WES prior to and during the school year, familiarizes them with various aspects of the school, and serves as an information resource.

Nominating Committee: Presents nominees for the elective PTO positions and submits recommendations for all vacancies.

Sustainability: Identifies and recommends ways in which WES can use environmentally-friendly resources more efficiently. Promotes and helps to coordinate sustainable practices and supports environmental education initiatives.

WES Mail: Sends out weekly e-mails to WES families detailing current and upcoming events.  Also maintains the school-wide e-mail distribution list.

Fundraising and Event Chairs

Pancake Breakfast: Two parents to coordinate the October Pancake breakfast held at WES.

Bingo Night: Two parents to coordinate family fun Bingo night at WES.

Field Day: Communicates with PE teacher and coordinates set up, parent walkers, and popsicles at this May school-wide event.

May Day: Six parents who coordinate games, food, and prizes. Additional volunteers are needed for this school-wide event in the afternoon of Field Day.

Spirit Wear: Two parents to organize Spirit wear sales throughout the year.

Box Tops/Giant/AmazonSmile: Organizes 2-3 box tops collections throughout the year. Send flyers home and via WES Mail about Box Tops, Giant, and AmazonSmile.

Spring Fundraiser: This varies every year. Coordinated by chairperson and co-chair person.

Fall Fundraiser: The We Love WES walk-a-thon occurs in November. Two parents coordinate the event, and additional volunteers are needed.

Lost and Found:  Helps manage the lost & found area. Sends flyers home and via WES Mail to remind parents to check for their child’s lost items.

SchoolKidz: Coordinates the ordering and distribution of school supply kits.

Swarthmore Pizza Night: Coordinates this twice yearly event.

Iron Hill Family Night: Coordinates this annual November event.

Rita’s Family Night: Coordinates this annual spring event.

Movie Night: Two parents to coordinate a fall family movie night at WES.


For more details on any of these positions, please contact the current PTO Chair.

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