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Join the Bike Bus on Earth Day 4/22/2024!

On Monday, April 22nd, we will officially launch the WES Bike Bus–a group ride that gives kids a safer way to bike to school. Please note that for this inaugural Bike Bus, we ask that each child or sibling group be accompanied by an adult. Please wear WES Spiritwear if you have it, or wear blue, green or tie-dye in celebration of Earth Day. For those in fourth grade band, Mr. Greenhalgh has given his blessing for Bike Bus participants to miss practice on the morning of 4/22. Please let him know if this applies to your family.  *If you would like to participate in biking or walking to school without completing the full route, please meet at the Helen Kate Furness Library parking lot between 8 and 8:15am. There, you can join other WES families (plus a special guest) and complete the final leg to WES for a brief celebration before heading into school. 


Please keep the following in mind to help the Bike Bus run as smoothly as possible for kids, parents and WES Staff.

  • Each child (or sibling group) must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

  • Please make your own arrangements for biking home or transporting your bikes home.

  • Please bring a bike lock and/or know that WSSD is not responsible for bikes left on the property. You may lock up to the bike rack or nearby fence.

  • You may want to consider testing the route with your family in advance.

  • Please send a yellow note or submit in powerschool if your child's dismissal will change, i.e, they normally take the bus home but will be riding home with you today.


Beatty Road/Grandview/Plush Mill Route

Parent Contacts:

Amanda Hemmer
Kathryn Hall
Paul Nuschke
Christine Drower


Parkridge Drive at Beatty Road
Wisteria Lane at Azalea Lane
Twyckenham Road at Hidden Acres
Quaint Road at Surrey Road
Gouley Park on Plush Mill Road
Helen Kate Furness Library parking lot (families who would like to walk or bike for just this final leg can meet here).
*Or join the route at any point closest to your home



  • Follow Surrey Road to Beatty Road

  • Follow Beatty Road to Chesley Road

  • Follow Chesley Road to Grandview Road

  • Cross Baltimore Pike at Grandview Road

  • Grandview Road to Locust Lane

  • Locust Lane to cut through to Gouley Park

  • Walk bikes along cut through area to Gouley Park

  • Plush Mill to Colonial Drive

  • Right on Dogwood Lane

  • Follow path from Dogwood to Providence.

  • Walk bikes on Providence to Green Valley Road

  • From Green Valley, turn right on Blackthorn Road

  • Turn Right on Furness Lane and stop at HKF Library Parking Lot to meet others

  • Depart library parking lot around 8:15, making a left on Furness Lane

  • Right on Blackthorn Road and continue toward cut through behind Wallingford Station

  • Walk bikes along the cut-through to Kershaw Road

  • Kershaw Rd to WES

Rose Valley/Moylan

Parent Contacts:

Erin Stancill 
Shawn Stancill
Mike Diamond
Jessie Shaver


Woodward Road at RV/Moylan SEPTA Station
Possum Hollow Road at W. Rose Valley Road
Possum Hollow Road at Rabbit Run Road
Possum Hollow Road at Fox Lane
Possum Hollow Road at Woodward Road
*Or join the route at the point closest to your home



  • From Woodward Road, Rabbit Run Road, Possum Hollow Road or Brookside Road, head toward the intersection of Woodward Road and Possum Hollow.

  • From Possum Hollow & Woodward, continue on Possum Hollow to Providence

  • Cross Providence and continue on Possum Hollow to Kershaw, then turn right on Kershaw.

Country Club

Parent Contact:

Vanessa Thomas


E. Country Club at Smithfield Road
Golfview Road at Palmers Lane
Palmers Lane at Marlyn Lane
Palmers at Barry Lane
Avondale at Martroy Lane
Sykes Lane at Kershaw Rd
*Or join the route at the point closest to you home



  • E. Country Club at Smithfield to Palmers

  • Stops at Golfview, Marlyn, Barry at Palmers

  • Turn right on Barry

  • Turn left on Callendar

  • Turn right on Copples

  • Turn left on Avondale

  • Turn left on Martroy and stop

  • Martroy to Sykes stop at Kershaw

  • Kershaw cross Avondale to WES via Kershaw



South Media/Wallingford Avenue

Parent Contacts:

Laura Bruce


Forrest Street at Wallingford Ave.
Fildes Lane at Wallingford Ave.
*Or join the route at the point closest to your home



  • From Fildes Lane & Wallingford Ave, take Wallingford Ave toward Providence Road

  • From Wallingford Ave and Providence Road, turn right on Providence Road, then left on Possum Hollow Road, right on Kershaw. 

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